Divalproex Sodium

Parameters Results
Name Divalproex Sodium
Quality BP/EP/USP
IUPAC Name Sodium 2-propylpentanoic acid 2-propylpentanoate
Molecular Formula C16H31NaO4
CAS Number 76584-70-8
Physical Appearance White hygroscopic powder
Solubility Very soluble in Chloroform, freely soluble in Methanol and Ethyl Ether, soluble in Acetone, practically insoluble in Acetonitirle
Identification by IR Absorption Complies the test as per BP/EP/USP
Reaction of Sodium It should respond to the test of Sodium
Moisture content Not more than 1% w/w (by KF)
Heavy Metals Not more than 20 ppm
Related substances by GC
Any individual impurity
Highest unknown impurity
Total impurities

Not more than 0.15%
Not more than 0.10%
Not more than 0.50%
Sodium Valproate
Valproic Acid

50.0% to 60.0% (by Titration)
40.0% to 50.0% (by Titration)